Characteristics Of Hemingway A Minimalistic Writing Style

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Hemingway final assignment. 1. What is characteristic of Hemingway’s style of writing? Use examples from the texts to support your characterisation. A great deal of Hemmingway’s literary creations and works take a starting point in the writing style “minimalism”. The minimalistic writing style can conveniently be visualised and represented with the picture of an ice berg lying in the water. An ice berg only reveals the very top of itself, which, in relation to Hemmingway’s literature, means that the narrator only mentions what would be visible or perceivable in the situation. Hereby the reader would be compelled to think for himself and read between the lines in order to comprehend the ‘deeper’ meaning. The process of being told only the top of a whole meaning for then to analyse and think your way to what the addresser’s intention thoroughly is has a very efficient and powerful effect. The short story “Hills like White Elephants” is a great example of Hemmingway’s use of minimalistic writing style. In the story, it would hardly be relevant to talk about credibility of the narrator since facts and objective things are the only things that are put forward or described by the narrator. The narrator is an observer, which means he only gives us a restricted access to what’s genuinely going on between the two characters that the story revolves around. To give an example: “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig (…) It’s just to let the air in.” In this excerpt, Hemmingway

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