Characteristics Of Heroes In The Odyssey

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Some people think that the only traits that a Hero has to have is that he is strong and looks good. But that is only part of the traits of a good hero or that a hero is supposed to have. Heroes have to be daring and willing to do things that other people may not want to do like in the Odyssey he choses to go to the cyclops house and know body else is willing to do it it. Also, they have to be smart and clever for example at the beginning Odysseus makes the Trojan horse to get into the city and also he puts bee’s wax into his crews ears so they won’t be lured to their death by the singing Sirens. Finally, he has to be strong in the heart because Calypso wanted him to stay with her and be immortal but he declined saying he wanted to go back to his homeland and back to his wife and son he has never seen. First, Hero’s must have a lot of traits which all unify to form what he is like and why people call him a hero. So, above are just a few that a Hero can have like coming up with a plan and not getting intimidated or anything in the Cyclops cave even though his men where getting chomped one by one. And keeping your spirits up or trying to is very impactful also because if you don't you will just lose all hope and you will never get home or have the motivation to get home. And…show more content…
But then again some people may not think that those traits are what a hero should or does have but that he should be a different brand of hero like a smart person who doesn't go on long war expeditions. But really hero’s could be anywhere and in any form they could be just people who save someone from dying and there could be nothing really special about them. But they still saved him and that is what is important not not being strong or good looking but just being a normal person helping someone that needed
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