Different Types Of INFJ Personality

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Written Assignment Unit 2 Personality Types
Searched and Found by the Jungian Test – The ‘Me’ I never knew When I took the Jungian test, little did I know about my personality. I remember doing some tests but I did not really get much from them but the Jungian personality test proved that I was an INFJ personality. My scores were quite interesting and the description of the INFJ type made me feel proud about myself especially comments on using the inner workings of the mind and being able to look beyond the future. Other key issues of INFJ are being idealists, doers, and dreamers, sensitive in what relationships to get along with, a perfectionist, and champions.
Personal life application in school and as a business person In
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Lancelot Gobo is an ESTP personality that is so outgoing, active, unprompted, having elbow grease, fastness and doesn’t fear taking risks at all costs and wants to enjoy all the pleasures or comfort in this world. He loves drama and is passionate because both stimulate his logical mind. Once you try to change him into an INFJ, you are killing him instead. As ESTP, Lancelot wants to be the center of focus because he has a talent of driving people to his side, he is humorous and accepting almost everybody and seems to like to solve all problems. Lancelot is very calculative of the right time to act for positive results as he tends to scan through the environment and offers what is required in it. As ESTPs are good marketers, Gobo can market company products well and at the same times he is talented in making sales because of magic that attracts or draws people to him through his manipulation of speech and being sensitive to his target market. L.G. is a spendthrift when it comes to people he loves as he lavishes things on his them but in a way that spoils them. Unfortunately because of his kind of life of pleasure loving and taking the things in the world as simple, he has never been a good planner because he lives in the present. He fails to avoid hurting other through his heavy language. L.G. doesn’t solve problems but simply ignores them and he is known for not persevering in relationships when they are not fulfilling. Lancelot Gobbo is my real opposite because I cannot see myself forging his qualities because I often call him a funny person or a clown though I see him working hard for his survival and his
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