Characteristics Of Inflated Self-Esteem

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Self esteem is considered as the person’s own assessment of self worth and abilities. And if this self love is egoistic and is based not on the being it is called inflated self esteem. Inflated self worth provides us a false expression of both our abilities and our worth. It can also contribute to present a wrong image of us to the world and the people around us. Self-esteem is one of the most important chapters in self development books. However, it is very difficult to find the healthy and positive balance of a strong self-esteem in the reality of life. If we don’t have a proper guidance, we can distort self-love through an inflated self-esteem which is based on ego and superiority. Also we can say, this type of self-love can lead us towards a feeling of superiority and projecting a false image on others. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of inflated self esteem, so read the complete article. Behavior Of A Person With Inflated Self-esteem Characteristics of a person with inflated self esteem may vary person to person. Given below are some of the symptoms of a person having inflated self love. Urge To Be Right In All Decisions In reality, a person having inflated self-esteem suffers a lot because he has an urge to be right in all the discussions. He takes on a personal level any possible constructive criticism given to him and which makes him doubt his own value. Self Evaluation For Superficial Things There are different levels such as, high, average

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