Qualities Of An Entrepreneur Essay

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Intrepreneurs are people who continue to innovate their company from within and show all the qualities of a good leader and manager. They can be the owner of the business, work within the business or be an employee at any level. They are more cautious and less likely to take risks that involve personal assets and use their unique talents of innovation, leadership and creativity to take their business to new heights. Entrepreneurs are also owners that take risks and start the business, but if they continue to run the business as per usual, they are know as ‘non-intrepreneurial” and if they are innovative they are known as intrepreneurial. Jules Ostin is an example of an intrepreneur, because she is creative, innovative, confident, flexible,…show more content…
Co-ordinating as Jules is a leader who encourages her employees to implement their tasks successfully and she communicates and leads very effectively by going to the warehouse herself and teaching employees how to package goods. This allows for all boxes to be packed the same way with the same attention to detail, which customers will see and appreciate, adding to the value of the brand. This would show how she co-ordinates and ensures that all functions of the business are working together to reach the overall goal and that all employees are aware of the expectations for the task at hand and the bigger picture. Motivation, because she is always in a good mood and has a very relaxed approach to work e.g. riding her bike around the office, which motivates employees to always be in good spirits, work hard and provide the best customer care. Employees are also encouraged to do something good. When that happens, someone will ring the bell in the office and that certain employee will receive a round of applause. This is a type of non-monetary motivation where employees would want to seek affirmation and recognition. Communication, because she communicates information very clearly and conveys ideas, instructions, queries and gives feedback to her employees, which improves the relationship between them.
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