Characteristics Of Islamic Architecture

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Islam is one of the largest religions around the world that has a lot of followers; Islam appeared in 7th century by the prophet Mohamed in Saudi Arabia. Islam like other religions has its own believes that naturally affect their architecture: Islamic architecture was mainly represented in buildings like mosques, madrasah & mausoleums. Islamic Architecture has its characteristics such as they pray in Qibla direction and this is the direction of Mecca city, privacy ,the prudery of women, the way of the muslims prayers , the five prayers in everyday with exact timings and many other characteristics, so their architecture style is formed from their needs which are not equal for any religion in the world. These are some buildings from Islamic architecture in 20th & 21st centuries. Firstly, c in Malaysia, also is known for the palace of justice, there are built the two courts that are the highest in Malaysia ( the Malaysian Court of Appeal and the Federal Courts), the construction of it was finished in early of the 21st century after its previous place in kuala Lumpur railway station. When you look at the building you will notice that is Islamic architecture especially the Moorish elements that are very usual to be seen in Malaysian buildings and other elements like the engaged columns, the domes that are onion like shapes, which were used in Mamluks dynasty in their mosques such as the dome in Madrasah of Amir Sarghatmish, the pointed arches that were used in many of

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