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Job evaluation is defined as a method for determining the worth of a job in comparison to the different jobs in the organization. To establish a justified pay structure for all the employees of the organization, job evaluation gives a means to compare the quality of the work in a particular job, in other words, the worth of a job. It is different from job analysis; rather job evaluation is done after the stage of job analysis in order to obtain some information about the concerned jobs. Job analysis is defined as a process of determining the skills, duties and responsibilities, in a systematic way, required for a particular job. Thus job evaluation is a method which commences from job evaluation from job analysis but it ends at a point…show more content…
• To add to a base for merit or performance-related pay. Characteristics of job evaluation The essential goal of job evaluation is to figure out the value of work; however this is a quality which differs occasionally and from spot to place affected by certain economic pressure. The principle features of job evaluation are: • To supply bases for compensation arrangement established on realities as opposed to on dubious moderate thoughts. • It endeavors to assess jobs, not individuals. • Job evaluation is the yield given by job analysis. • Job evaluation does not plan pay structure, it helps in supporting the framework by decreasing number of separate and diverse rates. • Job evaluation is not made by people rather it is carried out by gathering of specialists. • Job evaluation decides the estimation of job. Further the estimation of each of the perspectives, for example, aptitude and obligation levels are additionally related and concentrated on regarding the job. • Job evaluation helps the administration to keep up abnormal amounts of representative gainfulness and worker fulfillment. Process of job…show more content…
Compensable Factors: The following step is choosing what the association "is paying for" - that is, the thing that variable or elements put one job at a more elevated amount in the job chain of importance than an alternate. These compensable elements are the measuring sticks used to focus the relative position of jobs. As it were, picking compensable components is the heart of job evaluation. Not just do these variables spot jobs in the association 's job progressive system, yet they additionally serve to advise job officeholders which commitments are remunerated. 3. Building up the Method: The third venture in job evaluation is to choose a technique for evaluating the association 's jobs as indicated by the factor(s) picked. The technique ought to allow reliable situation of the association 's jobs containing a greater amount of the elements higher in the job progression, than those jobs lower in the progressive system. 4. Job Structure: The fourth step is contrasting jobs with build up a job structure. This includes picking and relegating chiefs, arriving at and recording choices, and setting up the job

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