Characteristics Of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

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1.0 Introduction
Today’s global economy, the skeleton of an organization is a combination of mutual understanding and responsibility. Typically leadership is one of the key factors to achieve organizational success and effective leader should have knowledge, skill (technical as well as cognitive) and ability to guide, control and achieve organisational goals. A leader should have a strong intrapersonal competence which include self-awareness (e.g., emotional awareness, self confidence), self-regulation (e.g., self-control, trustworthiness, adaptability), and self-motivation (e.g., commitment, initiative, optimism) (Manz & Sims, 1989; McCauley, 2000; Neck & Manz, 1996; Stewart et al., 1996). An effective leader should have conceptual skill to view the organisation as a whole which enables them to make strategic decisions. However, good leadership is hard to define and contextual. Such as there is a difference in leadership at the functional and at enterprise level. Many managers appear incapable of dealing with this degree of situational complexity. (Conger 2004)
2.0 Effective Leader Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
In my opinion, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw portrays a perfect example of an effective leader. She is an Indian businesswoman, Entrepreneur and the Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon, country’s leading Biotech Company. (Young India Reformer 2011) In 2004, she was named the richest woman in India with a net worth of $1.2 Billion. (Rai et al. 2014) She dared to dream in a country

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