Five Components Of Effective Leadership

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Leadership is crucial for the survival and sustainability of all kinds of institutions. Regardless of the shape or size of an institution, it needs and effective leader to prosper and grow. Leaders, through the actions and decisions they take, affect the direction and speed of their institutions in a positive or negative way that is why certain qualities of leadership must be acquired by leaders to be effective in leading any institution. Qualities such as trust, vision, courage, care, empathy are crucial for effective leadership.
It is important to differentiate between leadership and management. Peter Drucker (Drucker,1999) mentioned that management is doing things right while leadership is to do the right thing. JM Kouzes, BZ Posner (2006) in their book “The leadership challenge” showed that leadership is not about a position in the hierarchy in an organization but rather a set of mind frame. They argued that leadership can be acquired by conforming to certain sets of behavior and building of relationships between the leader and his subordinates. …show more content…

I will take the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan as an embodiment of leadership.
Goleman (1995) states that there five qualities that contribute to the effectiveness of leadership; (1) Self-awareness (2) Self-control (3) Motivation (4) Empathy (5) Social skills. These five skills are necessary for the effective

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