Characteristics Of Learning Disability

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Addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, “impairment" The children who are learning disabled is not because they are deficient in intelligence, have problems in studying potential or slow in activity but they are learning disabled due to problem in educational conditions or any problem in the dysfunction of the child. People with learning disability belong to a group of very diverse individuals but they do share common problem. They do not learn in the same way as their non disabled peers. Although most possess normal intelligence, their academic performance is significantly low. Learning disabled people have this problem because they face great difficulty in listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematical intelligence. Learning difficulties can be caused by internal factors like inherent, physical, medical and neurological and external factors like family, society, opportunities and experiences. Internal factors are intrinsic to the individual and can cause a person to learn differently. They are usually life-long, and are usually considered a learning disability. Dyslexia is usually considered to be a learning disability, or a particular learning difficulty.…show more content…
Learning disability is also suspected when a child performs nicely in one skill such as reading or writing skill but he performs extremely poorly in other areas such as mathematics or organization of subject matter without any visible reason. In addition to the fundamental characteristics given above, these learning disabled children can be identified in the school on the basis of the characteristics given

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