Characteristics Of Lennie In Of Mice And Men

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Lennie Character Traits

This book is called “Of Mice and Men” this book is by an author named John Steinbeck. The story is about two hopeless characters that are trying to find a place to stay and get a job so someday they can own their own place. George is one character that is smart and skinny and Lenny is the other that is not so smart and huge. In this book Steinbeck was successful at making Lennie sympathetic. Steinbeck was successful at making Lenny sympathetic by giving his character traits to make him seem like he doesn't know any better.
One character trait that describes Lennie is he is very childlike . Lennie has been very childlike because he has terrible grammar. He never remembers what people say, in the book the other characters call him stupid because of when Lenny says things like …show more content…

On page 91 right after he killed Curley's wife, he said “He said I don't want to hurt you, but George will be mad if you yelled”. This is one way it shows that Lenny is unknown because he has know idea he had just killed her. This trait hurts Lennie in the story because right after this happens he runs away and when George finds him Lennie has to be killed because he can't do that again in the future. If they didn't kill Lennie the same thing would keep happening to him and he could have bad things happen to him The last character trait shared by Lennie is that he is very innocent. One way in the book that Lenny is innocent is when George says “get im Lennie lennie says I don't wanna hurt him george” . This shows that Lennie is innocent and George doesn't let Lennie make his own decisions. This affects Lennie in the book because he eventually hurt Curley and that makes Curley hates Lennie and George and in this book Lennie can never make decisions for himself because he doesn't know any better. George doesn't let Lennie make his own decisions because when he hurts people on accident or make bad

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