Characteristics Of Libras

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Element: Earth
Lucky numbers: 5, 9, 12, 20, 24, 32
Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

A sense of reality, clarity of mind, the spirit of observation, deep intuition and clear views of the world are some of the most obvious characteristics of the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury. Even when they need to renew their acquaintance or adapt their behavior to new circumstances, they will very carefully examine, investigate and assess the situation in great detail.
These people really want to be helpful to others and do something important for people. Virgos have a highly developed sense for practical things and are able to face any situation. Other important characteristics are: developed intuition, quick learning and hypersensitivity.
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They like perfection and details in things and have a refined taste in beauty. They feel relaxed only when the ambience is peaceful and harmonious.
Libras show much understanding for others in order to avoid quarrels and unpleasantness. They are friendly and conciliatory, always ready to provide assistance to others, and, if necessary, to accept compromises. Libras are honest, gentle and compassionate individuals. They strive for perfection in everything and everyone around them. This pettiness is in accordance with the indecisive nature of Libra, which is evident when they need to make a choice. This applies both to the significant things in life as well as for small everyday events.
Libras are very cautious and they never behave violent or aggressive. To achieve success, they use connections, recommendations, and their innate diplomatic skills. They do not have big demands, do not ask for impossible and that is why life never disappoints them. Libra does not give great importance to money and is reluctant to talk about the subject. However, they are very generous and somewhat wasteful. They have a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things, so they will gladly spend lost of money on home interior and
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They have a deep and powerful intuition that allows them to distinguish lies from truth. Mobile and dynamic, Scorpios are often in conflict with themselves and with others. They will never forget an injustice, give up a fight nor admit a defeat. Scorpios are firm in their decisions, persevering in action, able to concentrate all its forces towards the ideals that they want to achieve. They are always open to new ideas, and have lively intelligence and a fiery imagination that makes them fighters, brave and dominant in every

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