Characteristics Of Low Self-Esteem

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Negative Indicators – low self – esteem Based on my own clinical observation, I have found the following traits to be associated with teenagers who have low self - esteem. • Puts down others by teasing, name calling or gossiping • Uses gestures that are dramatic or out of context • Engages in inappropriate touching or avoids physical contact • Gives excuses for failures • Brags excessively about achievements, skills and appearance (personal fable) • Verbally puts self – down; self depreciation • Speaks too loudly, abruptly or in a dogmatic tone. • Float around from peer group to peer group trying to find a place to “fit in” • Some become loners and speed all day shut up in his or her room • Can become addicted to social media • Are vulnerable to unhealthy peer groups • Often change clothes and hairstyles as an attempt to find him or herself Needless to say, teenagers with high self – esteem tend to have a healthy, true sense of self. Teenagers with a healthy sense of self who have high self – esteem tend to • Tell the truth about his accomplishments in life. • Realistically understands his strengths and limitations • Feels secure in making his own decisions about his style of clothing and what groups to join. • Have a sense of morals and values • Have a positive outlook on life • Have parents who consistently practice bonded parenting (Further explained in Chapter Six). In summary when someone feels secure and self-confident he lives out of a true self.
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