Integrity In Playing It Cool

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Introduction Integrity is usually defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Loyalty is showing constant support to a person. And then there is mutual trust, respect and most of all honesty. These words all have a huge impact on what we call the “perfect” relationship. Whether it be romantically, friend wise or mother daughter relationship. The other night I watched a romantic comedy movie called Playing It Cool. It had the good looking man, the beautiful girl and the corny jokes and of course the “romantic” love story. In the movie the guy who refers to himself as me is a writer. He can never last in a relationship because he is a “player”. One day he meets a beautiful girl who he refers to as her and of course…show more content…
This seems to show that this is the norm in a teenage society, but if you are different eg overweight, or do not have long flowing beautiful hair etc, It can make one feel inadequate and have a low self esteem as one is not as popular or good enough to be accepted by others. If one is not part of the ‘cool’ group of friends, or you don’t have a partner, then you can be seen as a loser amongst your peers. The adverts also show the teens with the latest brand name gear, which if it is unaffordable, then you will feel like the outcast. All this can affect your relationship with friends or with a partner as you could feel like an outcast or embarrassed about not being like the rest of the crowd. This will affect your relationship with your friends due to the fact that you might think you not good enough to hang with them; therefore you become distant towards them. when I read magazines that talk about my favourite celebrity couples going out on a date and looking so happy , I question my romantic relationship. How come we don’t go on fun dates like that? How come my boyfriend doesn’t look like that? How come we don’t interact like that? I might start questioning my relationship based on the relationship I see in the gossip magazines regardless to whether it’s real or not.i might break up with my boyfriend because I might think what

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