Characteristics Of Machiavelli

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A khal should seek only of that which would benefit the people much like Machiavelli’s view that; “In order to achieve success in public life, the ruler must know precisely when and how to do what no good person would ever do (http://www.phi”, that a khal should be capable of any means necessary in order to accomplish what is needed to lead the society successfully.” the ruler needs to acquire a good reputation while actually doing whatever wrong seems necessary in the circumstances. (Prince 18) Thus, rulers must seem to be generous while spending their money wisely, appear to be compassionate while ruling their armies cruelly, and act with great cunning while cultivating a reputation for integrity. Although it is desirable to be both loved and feared by one 's subjects, it is difficult to achieve both, and of the two, Machiavelli declared, it is far safer for the ruler to be feared. (Prince 17) (” Though being the most virtuous individual is a characteristic of a khal and seeing that in Machiavelli’s belief that virtue could be thrown aside in order to seek the good of the people can be conflicting. The fixation of the common good and the willingness to achieve that through any means necessary is already a show virtue. A khal should be able to make hard but necessary decisions in order to lead his society to virtue, even if that means compromising his own virtue which in itself is a show of his or her
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