Characteristics Of Max Weber

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In my opinion it is really interesting that Gary Hamel does not just wants to change the management orthodoxies, but he also wants to change the managers and their thinking. That they become more aware, how to interact with their employees. That they should listen to their workers or let them be creative. Considering the fact that the managers can also be inventors.
Another point that I find is good and not so good that he is criticising Max Weber’s bureaucracy traits like: control, precision, stability, discipline, and reliability. They are still important parts of management. I also think that part of these traits are old fashion, like for example control. The worker should be guided instead of controlled. It would suit more to an old roman slavery boat then to the modern ages. I think control of the worker is also influencing the job performance. Nevertheless, some of these traits can still be used nowadays like stability and reliability. For me these to traits belong to company, due to the fact that the firm has still to do profit. I mean customers like a stable and reliable service from a company. For example a cook cannot just take a break when several customers are waiting for their order. That can work in companies where it is important to invent something. However, normal customer service businesses need some structure.
It is quite useful that that he makes readers aware of the fact that firm’s might miss the future, when there is not going to happened a change in
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