Mentorship Characteristics

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Mentorship Mentorship can be identified as a relationship between an experienced individual and someone who wants to be guided by that person in order to expand and achieve career goals and objectives. The mentee will need to have the drive to excel and grow as an individual and the mentor needs to want to help the mentee become the best person they can be. In this relationship, characteristics that the two people must have should be mutual trust, respect, and confidentiality in order for it to work. Mentorship is important because it is an easily available source of knowledge and experience for those who wish to grow and expand in their profession and as people. It is also a good source of socialization with others in your profession and it can be a support system in your life. In order for a mentor to truly know how to help the mentee, they need to know what the person thinks personally. If there is no trust or confidentiality between the two, the mentee will not want to open up and then there will be no progress in that person. Other characteristics that should be present in a mentor is honesty and integrity. You do not want a mentor who is worried about hurting your feelings because…show more content…
Being able to make themselves available is a huge part of mentorship. The mentor needs to find times, days, and locations in which they are able to meet with the mentee. If they cannot be present for the mentee then there is no relationship being made and therefore no mentoring is taking place. Honesty is a huge factor when it comes to mentorship, hence why it is a responsibility of the mentor. As mentioned above, the mentor needs to be honest and give the tough feedback so that you can learn off of your mistakes and gain more knowledge from your mentor who has more experience than

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