Characteristics Of Middle English In The Middle Ages

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Middle English Student :Maram Saud AL.johany. ID:3153915 Section:Ln4 Abstract As far as we study English language ,we know that it have some periods ,one of these periods is Middle English .This research will present some of the characteristics of middle English. According to former research " Middle English describes dialects of English in the history of the English language between the High and Late Middle Ages, or roughly during the three centuries between the late 12th and the late 15th century”. From this quotation we know when was this period and that period was a collection of dialects . This research will show a simple overview of the English language in the Middle Ages, such as influences that affect on English language…show more content…
About 10,000 French words were adopted into English, some three-fourths which are still in use today. More than a third of English words are derived directly French . English language in Middle ages has borrow a lot of French word especially during the 14th century .This French vocabulary is found in every field, in government , law, art and literature. French influence did not affected only on vocabulary ,but it affected on English pronunciation . Old English had the unvoiced fricative sounds [f], [s], [θ] , and [ʃ] (shin), but French influence in Middle English helped to distinguish their voiced counterparts [v], [z], [ð] (the), and [ʒ] , and also contributed the diphthong . Here , examples of words borrowing from French in Middle English…show more content…
Middle English known as the age of changes .In short, these characteristics are the inflectional endings ,nouns ,verbs pronouns and ,what was the changes in it . The influences affect in Middle English that lead to that changes such as French and Latin . The three periods that Middle English passed on. Of course ,it presents the dialects in that period such as Kentish and Southern, and the influence of these dialects in the emergence of the standard English . When we study the history of English language we will know that English language passed in a lot of changes and development .When I read about English in middle ages , I notice that it is very different from English nowadays . It is important to know about the history of the language that you are studying . Also you will find it interesting and full of benefit

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