Characteristics Of Mockingbirds

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An interesting fact, mockingbirds recognize people that may have threatened their nests even the bird themselves, the bird may even begin dive-bombing the person if they recognize them(Sample). Starting with the vocalizations of the bird, then on to the characteristics of the mockingbird, and the human interactions that mockingbirds have with humans.

First the vocalizations of mockingbirds. Mockingbirds imitate other sounds. The Northern Mockingbird tends to imitate the sounds that other birds make (“mockingbirds”). The mockingbirds themselves add many new songs to their sounds throughout their lives (“All about Birds”). A medley of phrases that the bird mimicked from another bird (Janssen, Tessen, Kennedy). Mockingbirds are known for the lovely sounds they make. The Northern Mockingbird sings really almost endlessly throughout their lives(All About Birds”). Series of musical and grating phrases, each repeated about 3 or more times; often imitates other birds and regularly sings at night(Audubon). Not only do mockingbirds have unique vocalizations, mockingbirds have unique characteristics.
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Mockingbirds have many ways they live their lives. Mockingbirds housing or nesting. The Northern Mockingbird usually will nest in open grassy areas that have hedges and fruit bushes and live in suburban areas (“All About Birds”). The bird prefers areas like suburban gardens and hedges with large amounts of berries (Janssen, Tessen, Kennedy). Mockingbirds nesting areas. Mockingbirds nest near the ground, and in tree’s in urban areas (“Mockingbirds—No”). Their nests consist mostly of twigs made into a round shape, also includes grass, leaves even garbage (“All About Birds”). Not only do mockingbirds have interesting characteristics and ways of living they have different human interactions with

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