Characteristics Of Moderation In Islam

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One of the characteristics of Islam is religion of moderation (Wasatiyyah). In Arabic its means middle, mid-ground and centrism. It means equality between two things. So in Islam all things are said to be equal in both aspects. The main focus for this is to show balancing extreme and fanatical acts on a man’s life. According to Prof. Hassan, moderation is an Islamic concept included on Islam’s two primary sources; the Quran and the Sunnah (the Prophet’s tradition). Besides on these two primary sources, Prof. Hassan premised the concept of wasatiyyah on three key values of Islam; iman (belief), `ilm (knowledge) and taqwa (compliance to divine guidance). There are 5 aspects of Wasatiyyah included worship, constancy and flexibility, here and hereafter,…show more content…
Allah sent religion to be the guidance for all Muslim and believers and to make balance between the spirit, the body with the power of desire and anger and souls. Once this balance is achieved, the man shall achieve moderation. There are two sides of every good manner, which are extreme and bad sides. For example, generosity is a good and moderate behavior. However, it always comes between two bad behaviors, which are stinginess and on other side is overspending. On the other hand, braveness is also another good and moderate behavior, but it comes with two bad behaviors which arecowardness and carelessness. Therefore, Allah has commands his man to avoid all bad behaviors by staying away from those bad behaviors. Then, a person will be exactly in the middle which the farthest point from each extreme, which is in the…show more content…
In Islamic political system, government and the society have to do the will and order of Allah. The distribution of political power is based on the Wasatiyyah concept. Islamic democracy is sub-servient to the Divine Law and exercises its power in accordance with the commandments of Allah and within the limits prescribed by Allah so that every people can accept the action taken by government. For example, our Prime Minister, MohdNajib bin Tun Abdul Razak has injected concept of Wasatiyyah into 1Malaysia Concept. In ruling the country, the government must aware and follow the habluminallah relationship such as concern with the moderation, middle and balance styles which emphasized by Allah otherwise country will face disaster. Although Malaysia is a multiracial, multireligious and multicultural society, government is not preventing believers of other faiths for practising their religious. Consequently, the more balance, peace and harmony habluminannas relationship will be

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