Characteristics Of Montessori Teaching

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The other side of bullying

Are you a bully? Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever thought about that the stories of bullying are told by the bullied side? What about the bully? And the things that the bully has been passed through? Well I was a bully, and what happened to me is something that still happen today, that is what I’m going to tell. Nine years ago, when I was in fifth grade, I began to bother a classmate. During two weeks by calling her nicknames because of her physical appearance. Until today, I remember how she was; blond, tall, fat and principally with a disease that affected the appearance of her eyes. Consequently, each of her physical characteristics were useful to annoy her, on that instance firstly it was just calling
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As some of us know Montessori education is an integrative method of education that takes into consideration each student needs, it is adaptable to different situations that students have been passed through, in order to facilitate a proper acquirement of knowledge.

In addition to that, Montessori method focused its practices on “doing”, I mean that Montessori method supports the premise of learn by discoveries, through experiences. Finally, the two most important characteristic of Montessori method to me is: firstly, the roles that are inside the classroom, on one side teachers as facilitators of knowledge; on the other side, children as active participants in their own process of learning, the learn from each other. Secondly, that the methodologies used to each class and the prepared environment contribute to the building of an independent
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Besides, the role of teacher it is important to improve the autonomy of children, they help students to empowered themselves to manage conflicts, in other words teachers encourage child independence by providing guidance on the various ways they can address an issue. In relation to bullying I think that students are able to solve their differences by their own but it should be a teacher with them in order to moderate the conversation. Students will recognize their differences but they will consider each other as equal and that it could finish with the conception of the bully and bullied, that means that bullying will

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