Characteristics Of My Best Friend Essay

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The Qualities Of My Best Friend A friend is special person who we love to spend time with. People in the world should have friends the reason is friendship is necessary for the emotional sprightly of humans. Our need for social interaction and interdependent liaison is a survival instinct passed down through our genes. However, there is a certain type of friendship that can never beat a normal one. This person that holds a special way of friendship with you, is usually defined as our best friend. Friends are easy to find, nevertheless, a best friend is much harder to find. Best friends are one of the meaningful for a liaison that you will ever have. They have a positive benefit in our lives and shape who we are. A best friend always be with us, no matter what happens. A best friend keeps us company therefore, we would never be alone in this world. A best friend is a respect those who speak. Even though your feeling is plaintive and saturnine days at time, or when we are feeling disconsolate, a best friend is always ready to listen to our problems. Of course, your friend would not surely have all the solutions or answers to your problems or what to do after that. But, they allow you a sense of belonging that you are not alone and they are always there for you. A best friend is a one in front of whom you can pour your heart out without irresolute. And also, they listen with interest keeping their phones aside, just concentrating on you at

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