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My mom is my best friend, my sister, and my mom; I tell her everything and she tells me everything! I am so thankful I have such a strong relationship with my mom, because some people do not have a mother figure in their life at all. My mom is my modern day hero because of her strength, generosity, and confidence. The first characteristic that makes my mom my modern day hero, is her strength. Like most mothers, my mom goes through a lot in one day, especially with three kids. Sometimes, I do not know how she pulls it off. I think my mom got most of the strength she has today from what she went through as a teenager. When my mom was 17 years old, her father passed away from an open heart surgery. Having someone close to you, especially your father or mother, pass away is very devastating. My mom had to grow up very quickly and help take care of her younger brother and sister. Because of what my mom went through at such a young age, she has gained a tremendous amount of strength emotionally, which has helped me out at times when I was feeling down and needed someone to be there. Generosity, is the second characteristic…show more content…
Going through the passing of her father at such a young age, has build up strength in my mom. She had to grow up quickly and learn to have strength and take care of others. Her strength has helped me as I grow up and become an adult. My mom's generosity, cooking for those who have had someone close to them pass away and giving up an hour of her day to spend time with God have shown me alot. Her generosity has shown me how great of a person she is and has made me strive to become a better person. Lastly, my mom’s confidence has definitely played a role in who I am today. Due to the confidence my mom has in herself, and the ability to love herself for who she is, has taught me to do the same and even love others more. My mom is my hero and forever will

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