Compare And Contrast Mesoamericans And Native Americans

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NATIVE AMERICAN SOCIETIES: 1. Both civilizations were made up of bloodthirsty savages. A difference between the two is that the Mesoamericans were cannibals and the Mississippians buried their dead in mounds. 2. They lived in agricultural societies so if it was too hot or cold or they did not get enough rain fall, then their crops could not grow. 3. This would depend upon the tribe. Some were matriarchal which meant the women owned the homes and belongings and children. The Iroquois federation actually had an articles of confederation that the U.S constitution was based upon. Generally, there was a leader but depending upon the tribe, he could be born to the leadership or elected. People could chose to follow him or he could leave. Some…show more content…
The difference of the two civilizations that developed into two different ideologies of government is mainly due to the geography of the land, and the supplies that were available. 2. The Native Americans were vulnerable due to three key points: lack of knowledge, disease, and the slave trade. 3. Atlantic slave trade: The blank slate, North America, required labor in order to be developed for the maximum profit. The African continent was an excellent source of labor at a low price. 4. Mercantilism is the doctrine that states that the governments control of foreign trade is of paramount importance for ensuring the prosperity and security of a state. If Mercantilism states that resources around the world are finite, that they can run out, then it would drive nations to trade, go to war, and colonize in the sake of acquiring more resources. High tariffs, especially on manufactured goods, are almost universal features of mercantilist policy. 5. They did it by discovering and opening trade routes to the far east and the Americas, and setting up trade post all over the world. They extended their influence in the Americas by defeating the Inca and Aztec empires, converting the inhabitants to Christianity and by founding colonies on the two
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