Characteristics Of Native American Cultures

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NATIVE AMERICAN SOCIETIES: 1. Both civilizations were made up of bloodthirsty savages. A difference between the two is that the Mesoamericans were cannibals and the Mississippians buried their dead in mounds. 2. They lived in agricultural societies so if it was too hot or cold or they did not get enough rain fall, then their crops could not grow. 3. This would depend upon the tribe. Some were matriarchal which meant the women owned the homes and belongings and children. The Iroquois federation actually had an articles of confederation that the U.S constitution was based upon. Generally, there was a leader but depending upon the tribe, he could be born to the leadership or elected. People could chose to follow him or he could leave. Some tribes had a council of elders who oversaw the traditions of the tribe. EUROPE ENCOUNTERS AFRICA AND THE AMERICAS, 1450 – 1550: 1. European - peasants, agricultural society, church was very important in their belief system, pagan-monotheistic hierarchy, patriarchal society, and urbanized. West African - trade slaves, spoke many languages, family clan system, worshiped spirits and Allah. Native American – nomadic, pantheistic, feudal system All – had belief systems and had agriculture 2. Portugal and Spain had encomienda, forced Native Americans to work the lands so that they could send out their crops to Europe, brought diseases with them which altered environment, came up with the Columbian Exchange. 3. In the

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