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The Many Quality’s of Patricia Kent I admire people who chose to shine even after all the storms they’ve been through I believe that is wise to admire someone that you wish to be like one day, it is a way to shape your future: you can admire the way they talk, the way the approach or reaction to difficult citations. Ms. Patricia Kent is a woman to admire. I have admired her séance I meet her; she is a very wise, smart and kind, but a good word to describe her is altruism. She was widow after 19 years and 7 months of marriage; and race 4 children by herself. She went back to school to redo her RN license; she is the most intelligent person I know. She is also a detail-oriented person, and helped students think from different points of view. We don’t meet special people like her everyday, there’s not a lot of people who react to tragedy the way she did. I meet Ms. Kent 3 years ago I used to be a patient of her at Parkview Medical Clinic till one day I show up for my fallow up appointment and I asked her if she was hiring and she said “Yes” and from there till today we have have an amazing relationship. Altruism is a good way to describe her, and her personality; anyone that has the opportunity to meet her can tell what I’m saying. Becoming a widow, it most be one of the most painful feelings a human being can experience. She was a widow after 19 years and 7 months of marriage, her husband Mr. Alexander Kent was a lawyer and a very good man, a good father, she

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