Characteristics Of Penal Law

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1.1. The general characteristics of penal language defining penal law terminology Penal law terminology is a specific language within a language, used by legal professionals, where a good expertise of ordinary knowledge of the language does not necessarily make one proficient in penal linguistic domain. Words, phrases and expressions are in a continuous state of development. In a short period of time a word might be used contrarily and have a contrary meaning to the way it had previously been used. Why does it occur? There are many reasons; penal law language is the language of many different countries, and legal usage and practice have developed differently in each country. This is how many new terms and usages from varied common law legal cultures become accessible to all users of legal language. At the same time, in an increasingly multifaceted world, words and descriptions must be found for new inventions and new institutions. Moreover, English speakers borrow terms from other languages. Immigrant groups in English-speaking countries bring with them new terms. Alongside all this, a special sort of penal English is developing within the European Union. By way of example, consider a term such as "common law"; it can have several quite distinct meanings:
- It may signify the "common law system" as opposed to the "civil law system". In this sense, the common law system of jurisprudence means the whole system of

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