Characteristics Of Phoenix Jackson In A Worn Path

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In the story “A Worn Path” Phoenix Jackson has many different characteristics. For example, one of her characteristics is that she is delusional and she might have a mental disability(like alzheimer's) because she is old as in the story it says she is “ a hundreds years old”. In the story it proves that she is delusional because she speaks to herself for example, in the story it says “Ghost” she said sharply, “who be you the ghost of”? Which justs means she making up things for cope with the fact that her grandson is dead and she can’t get over that. Also, she walks the long worn path everyday just for medicine for her dead grandson that died from lye poisoning, according to the nurses at the end of the story, they say “she makes these trips on the regular”, “she lives way back off Old Natchez Trace” which probably means that she walks an exceedingly long time just for “medicine” that their is no use for. Furthermore, another reason why Phoenix Jackson is delusional is because…show more content…
According to the story “I in the thorn bush”, finally she stood free and after the moment dared to stoop for her cane”. That just shows how determined she is because most people would never walk as far as she did to get that medicine. Most people would just turn around once they encounter a hard situation. Just like the author intended “Worn Path” to be an allegory, and she's used the path that Phoenix takes to be a metaphor of “life is a journey, just like in life you see the path that is easy, and one that is hard”. Phoenix takes the harder path every day because if not her grandson might “die” which shows her determination by not taking the easy way out of things are choosing the “hard path to
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