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Marketing Principles and Key Characteristics

Program: Blue Mountain
Subject: Sale and Marketing
Student: Danna

October 19, 2015

Pizza Hut – is a network of restaurants which is including more than 34 thousands in 100 countries around the world. Pizza Hut is a brand which is included in Yum! Brands corporation.
First Pizza Hut was established in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carny in city Uitchita state
Kansas. Their cuisine is targeted on American variety of Pizza and snacks preparation, like pasta,
Chicken nuggets, bread, garlic bread and etc. Pizza Hut is most wide pizza’s network in the
First Pizza Hut’s capital was only 600$ USD. The first restaurant opened abroad after 10 years
Was in Canada. The main
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Parent Company Pizza Hut
Category Fast food eating joints
Sector Food products
Slogan/Tagline Your Favorite Your Pizza Hut
USP Good Service and Good pizzas at outlets
Segment People who want to eat a hygienic, delicious meal at a restuarant
Positioning The best Pizza for whole family
Target Group Childs, Students, pupils from the middle and upper class

Strength 1- Over 34 thousands franchises around the world
2- Innovative range of pizzas in one restaurant
3- Good and quick service, with delicious food
4- Good financial position and international turnover
5- High quality of promotion and advertisement
6- Big popularity of brand name and loyalty to it
Weakness 1- Franchise management
2- Huge amount of organic pizzas, which will cut the target market
3- Customers are supposing that the satisfaction of the pizzas is going down
Opportunity 1- Opening of new branches on new markets
2- New Pizzas with difference of ingredients and flavors
3- Upgrading of home-delivery services
Threats 1- People concerning about unhealthy food
2- Rising of price on ingredients for pizza
3- Threat from competitors, who is trying to add pizzas to their menu such as

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