Characteristics Of Religion In Star Wars

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What is religion? Religion is a way of life founded upon the apprehension of sacredness in existence. In order for something to be considered a religion it must have all eight characteristics of religion incorporated in it. The eight characteristics, there must be are; myths or having a sacred text, having a community or house of worship, rituals must be practiced, ethics are involved, material expressions, worldview or beliefs that everyone in the religion believes, sacredness, and emotional expressions.
Within the trilogy of Star Wars there are two sides that are constantly fighting against one another. There is also something referred to as The Force which is often viewed as the sacred or godlike. It is easy to see different religious beliefs within this trilogy, not just one particular religion. Within two Star Wars movies A New Hope, and Rogue One, these eight aspects of religion can be found.
Learning to master the Force requires faith, ritual, and ancient wisdom—which are hallmarks of institutionalized religion. In Episode IV we see Luke trying to learn how to use The Force and we are able to see his struggles of first interacting with The Force. Obi Wan Kenobi gives Luke a helmet with a shield on it to cover his eyes so that his eyes cannot deceive him while he is trying to let The Force takeover his actions and also tell it what to do. Luke is trying to get in touch with the Force by using a lightsaber. There are many different lightsabers shown in Episode IV, we

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