Characteristics Of Republican Government

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The Founders believed that a republican government is a type of government where people have the power to govern through representatives. People are able to delegate representatives to project their voice. The main purpose of a Republic is to serve the common good in which both citizens, representatives, and the government leaders work for common welfare. The Founders, including James Madison, thought a republican government was the best type of government for the colonies. Madison helped to create our 2nd constitution (which replaced the first constitution, The Articles of Confederation) and was later thought of as the “Father of the Constitution”. He also believed that members of government should be elected by a large number of people rather than a small group. His idea coincided with a Republican type of government. This governing technique came with many advantages, such as representatives making the laws more efficient and problems are understood more thoroughly. Citizens came to power by being delegated as a representative and they maintained control in the government by giving their voice. One way the citizens owned the power to govern was by voting. A Republican government was solely built around this idea of achieving common good through the voices of the citizens. This idea came to be very advantageous as well. The voice of citizens proved to be a very important factor of republican government. Leaders, or representatives, were chosen by the people, instead

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