Characteristics Of SDT

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The subculture SDT has many traditions and values that they pass on from pledge class to pledge class. SDT participates in annual fundraisers for the organization Sharsheret, where they sell baked cookies and brownies, T Shirts and accept donations. For each fundraiser, every girl in SDT must attend and they all have the tradition of wearing customized pink T shirts that have their last names on the back. They also make pink sugar cookies each year. The president of SDT ensures that each year this fundraiser has these characteristics. These traditions make the fundraiser fun and sentimental. Additionally, SDT has the tradition of ensuring that each member of the newest pledge class has a big, or a girl a year older in SDT who they connect with. Each…show more content…
These letters help distinguish SDT from any other sorority and help unify them under one heading. These letters also appear on T-shirts, sweat shirts and sweat pants. The repetition of these letters, which we kept seeing throughout the house, proves how much meaning and value the girls put in them. The new members of SDT all have to learn how to adapt to being in a sorority. They have to learn how to be selfless and look at their sorority sisters as more than just friends. Living in a house teaches them how to efficiently live with a large group of people and they have to learn how to adapt to this living style, which includes sharing possessions, respecting everyone’s belongings and space and having patience for limited utilities, like the bathroom or stove. SDT also has symbols of a teddy bear and a torch. These symbols also represent patterns since they remain the symbols year after year and don’t change. SDT has a specific chant they say that we observed when observing a rush event. In order to recruit girls they would sing, “It is time for you to see that you belong in SDT.” This represents a linguistic slogan that they sing year after
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