Characteristics Of SMS Advertising

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2.2.2 SMS Advertising The first form of mobile advertising that consumers could have experience is short message service SMS in 1997 (Ünal et al., 2011). SMS is a brief and short message that allows advertisers to communicate with their target markets (Bober 2011). Characteristics of SMS Advertising: Interactivity The nature of two-way mobile phones allows their users to instantly respond to SMS messages. This interactivity allows advertisers to create a direct connection with potential customers and quickly get the results of marketing campaigns (Bauer et al 2005, Mirbagheri 2010, Al Khasawneh et al 2013). Personalization There is a close connection amid mobile phone users and their personal devices. This connection leads to a one-to-one marketing approach. Providing personalized SMS advertising may be achievable using information gathered in early-stage databases or by user’s purchasing record. This positively attracts the consumers ' attention and provides for very personalized marketing approach. (Bauer et al 2005, Saadeghvaziri et al 2011, Al Khasawneh et al 2013). Ubiquity SMS advertising can reach consumers anytime and anywhere, because consumers keep their mobiles with them at all times. Hence, there is high likelihood that they read message soon after receipt. This create new opportunities for advertisers (Bauer et al 2005, Mirbagheri 2010, Al Khasawneh et al 2013). Localization Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning

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