Characteristics Of Situational Leadership

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Leadership is an important concept to consider when evaluating the role of effective management in business. Effective managers will display good leadership ability. Leadership is defined as “the ability to influence people to set aside their personal concerns and support a larger agenda" (Baldwin 311). There are varying ways of using influence to move others to action, with no certain pathway guaranteeing success in effectively executing a leadership role. There are, however, numerous traits and characteristics that have been found to be important in contributing to the effectiveness of a leader. These traits and characteristics include: “intelligence, dominance, sociability, self-monitoring, high energy, self-confidence, tolerance…show more content…
Transactional leadership focuses on tasks, and the positive relationship between the leader and follower. Transformational leadership seeks to satisfy higher emotional needs and provide intellectual stimulation (Baldwin 322). The Situational Leadership Style self-assessment explores the relationship between the leader and follower. The situational assessment indicated that I score high on in the “participating/facilitating” spectrum. This style has a greater focus on the relationship between the leader and follower, and is less task oriented. The manager focuses more on motivation and understanding why an employee is underperforming, and utilizes praise and understanding in attempt to push the employee to the desired outcome (Hersey &…show more content…
I am an individual that seeks out learning opportunities with the thought that the more that I know the more efficient I can be at my job and I can better help my co-workers or subordinates. I prefer to thoroughly plan and review the possible outcomes of a particular course of action. I believe that these characteristics will prove beneficial in a leadership role as I will be able to effectively communicate job expectations, outline employee goals and provide the necessary support to meet goals. Without the self-assessment, I know myself to be quite reserved. This is something that I consciously make effort to address. Introversion, while in itself is not a complete negative, it can be perceived as such especially for someone in a position of authority. Withdrawing from others can be seen several ways; indifference, unassertive, or indecisive. It can also give way to self-doubt because of the tendency to be in a state of constant self-reflection. I would like to have a transformational approach to my leadership style. I want to exude confidence and build my employees to have confidence in their decisions and ability. I would like to foster an environment where employees have a

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