Radical Social Theory

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Social theory can play a massive role in unearthing the unexpected and in challenging common conceptions of social life. As members of society we assume that we are well taught in the underlying dynamics of that society. social theory can really help us understand the ramifications of social change on a day to day basic. Social theory really aims to demonstrates that, effective social theory can have a real effect on how we perceive our own individual place in the world and society. Also, how our own experiences may actively change due to changes in society (Miles,2001). t actively impinges on who and what we are. It manifests itself in how we relate to each other as human beings and in how we construct our individual and social identities.…show more content…
This theory can take different forms. It has suggested by Storey (1993) there are four forms of feminism, these are: ‘Radical’ (reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts); ‘liberal’ (it focuses on women's ability to maintain their equality through their own experiences and actions. Its main aim is on making the legal and political rights of women equal to men) (Storey,1993, p125). ‘Marxist’ (women’s domination that results from capital’s dominance) and finally ‘dual system’ (this brings elements from both Marxist and radical…show more content…
Women can define what sports they want to do on their own terms, not just in relation to sports that are developed and set up by men (Hargreaves, 2004). Whereas, radical feminist explains its concerned the underlying structural power that relates male power through patriarchy, whereby men as a group dominate women as a group. Radical feminists explore the nature of hardship through the personal experiences of women (the “personal is political”) and centralize sexuality as a major site of men’s domination over women through the social institutionalization of heterosexuality. As men and male power are seen to be the main cause of women’s oppression and inequality, male power is manifested and maintained through social control (Dworkin, 1981). Whereas liberal sports feminists argue that women have unequal access to decision-making processes, radical feminists are more interested in the power maintained over women by men within and throughout sport. Radical feminists working in sport have been interested in the role of sport

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