Sports In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era was the history of the United Kingdom during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901. The Victorian society was divided up into four different classes, Gentry, Upper Class, Middle Class, and Working Class. Depending on what class you were a part of determined the type of diversion you got to participate in. Of course, the higher classes were associated in a wider range of activities. The lower class activities were limited and not as diverse. Sports in the Victorian Era were mainly competitive and taken seriously. However, some of the sports and games were escorted to exercise, flirt, and socialize. They also brought less competitive games and playful activities to be measured out by women and children. Some of their activities included walking, riding, cycling, gardening, playing a musical instrument, and visiting. These activities were mainly to stay busy and interfere with…show more content…
They enjoyed these games while doing things like drinking, gambling, and billiards, which was one of the all time favorites. Most men also played card games such as poker and played to the extent of losing their wages. However, if men did lose their wages, they would force the entire family to work and earn it all back. Men also participated in outdoor games such as Tennis, Shooting, Cricket, and Fishing. (“Popular Activities for Men”). Activities for kids depended on if you were raised in the city or the country. In the city, kids couldn't play until the household work was complete. They usually played indoors until an adult could supervise them outside due to precautionary measures. City kids did not have a wide range of options for activities like the country kids. These kids participated in activities like swimming, gardening, riding ponies, and playing a musical instrument. Boys usually played games such as marbles and jacks. Meanwhile, girls played with dolls. (“Popular Activities for
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