Characteristics Of Stanhope In Journey's End

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To what extent does R.C Sherriff present Stanhope as a character to be admired? Journey’s End by R.C Sherriff is concerned with soldiers who faced life in the trenches during World War 1. The play focuses on the fear, anxiety and horror the men suffered in the trenches, through the relationship between all the soldiers, especially Raleigh and Stanhope. Throughout the play, Stanhope is portrayed as the distorted hero of Raleigh. However, through the characteristics of Stanhope who cares about Raleigh till the end, and shows consideration towards all the other soldiers, he is portrayed as an admirable character. Also, the period when the play was performed and the effect of the play towards the audience leaves lingering imagery, which helps them to understand Stanhope and presents Stanhope as a character to be admired. Throughout the anti war play Journey’s End, the author portrays Stanhope as a protagonist with ambivalent characteristics: he is a hero and workaholic on one hand, but an alcoholic and victim of war on the other. However, overall, Sherriff represents Stanhope as an admirable character. It is his characteristics, which shows a strong belief in his soldiers and respect for the country, that makes Osborne respect him.…show more content…
Considering the background when the play was performed, the play would plainly shown the actual life in the trenches, creating feelings such as sympathy and empathy towards the protagonist Stanhope. Not only through the background, the characteristics of Stanhope, such as care towards other soldiers and resisting his fear and pain clearly portray Stanhope as a character to be admired. Also, the effect of this play which gives lingering imagery towards audience makes the audience to think again about the war and Stanhope which changes the view point towards Stanhope, admirable, family like
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