Characteristics Of Steve Marruffo

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Society tends to view and label successful people as those who are wealthy or famous. However, success is a personal achievement that only can be obtained based on personal goals and motivation to achieve them because everybody has different goals and paths to lift them to success. An example of someone who has the fire and desire is Steve Marruffo, my father who set multiple goals for him to achieve. Regardless of getting knocked down several times by the hardships that universally occur to anyone attempting to obtain success, he was determined to achieve personal success and motivated to keep his dreams of success alive. When asked if he considers himself successful, Marruffo responded, “Yes because everything negative that I have been through has made me a stronger individual.…show more content…
I could not have done this without dedication to succeed.” According to a TIME magazine article about the 6 key traits to success, a key trait is to tolerate conflict because “If you back down every time it looks like a fight is coming, well, you’re not going to win many fights.” Marruffo’s explanation parallels the idea that if someone is unwilling to have determination to combat negativity, one cannot excel at his or her profession to full capability and achieve personal success because of his or her ability to combat the conflicts encountered. Marruffo is indeed successful, as he has been able to look beyond negativity and motivate himself to think positively during the rough times makes him
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