Characteristics Of Steven Spielberg As An Auteur

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: For my presentation I have chosen to examine Steven Spielberg and what stylistic features he uses to make himself considered as an auteur. An auteur is a director that has a unique style in filming and has complete control of the production process of the film. The three films that I have chosen to focus on are E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), A.I. Artificial Intelligence(2001) and Close Encounters (1977). These are three of Steven Spielberg's most known films. There a various reasons to why Steven Spielberg has been considered as auteur. For instance the fantasy theme, is a common thread between these three film specifically. The fact that Spielberg has three films that have a common theme may suggest that he may use fantasy themes to establish himself as an auteur.…show more content…
The Extra-Terrestrial the main characters in both films kids and the kids are surrounded by all fantastical mysterious objects like aliens. These fantastical being come from the imagination of children. Between all three films it is evident that when Spielberg was directing these films he tapped into the joys, fears,wonders, adventurous minds of children. As it would seem that the target audience for these three films are children.

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Presenter:The two most common themes that runs through Steven Spielberg's films are family issues and the use of John Williams music [Item 4]. There are twelve films that have been directed by Steven Spielberg that have had a John William Sound track including Close encounters and E.T.

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