Characteristics Of Strategic Entrepreneurship

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Key features of successful strategic entrepreneurship Setting up a business from scratch and producing ideas for making it successful is Entrepreneurship. Finding resources and opportunity for a profitable business is challenging. An entrepreneur is an individual who is capable of managing an enterprise with an initiative and at his own risk. Strategy and Entrepreneurship are two self-defining terms, however merging them together could help a firm to seek opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Innovations and Risk- taking are considered two important components of strategic entrepreneurship. Kellogg’s is an American Multinational Food Manufacturing Company. It produces cereals and many other snacks like cookies, toasted pastries, granola bars. Founded by Will Keith Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg On February 19, 1906, Kellogg’s has gained global recognition. Kellogg’s strive to become the world’s number one food producing company and strategizes itself to be a Global Cereal Leader by building a brand image which would enable the consumers to relate the product to their real and virtual experiences and associating themselves to it. Innovative ideas for producing cereals. For instance, manufacturing flavored cereals or creatively shaped cereals which would be attractive to children prompting them to consume it. Proclaiming that the cereals adds nutritional value to the diet promotes itself to the young adults and parents as a large amount of consumers are health

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