Characteristics Of Stress In The Workplace

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Stress in the workplace originates from various stressors, that have either positive and/or negative outcomes. To manage these stress triggers and their outcomes, psychological capital can be used as a personal resource to combat the end result. A stressor hosts six types, intrinsic characteristics of the job; employee role; work relations; career prospects and progression; organisational factors; work-family interface (Finney, Stergiopoulos, Hensel, Bonato, & Dewa, 2013). Several of these can contribute to an employee having a positive reaction or negative reaction to the work and environment. In my case, intrinsic characteristics of the job and employee role were found to be the most prominent characteristics that applied to the event. Psychological capital is an outgrowth of positive organisational behaviour. An individual, particularly an employee, has 4 main positive psychological characteristics: Self-efficacy, Optimism, Resilience and Hope (Bakker, & Leiter, 2011). The four characteristics will assist in forming a more positive outcome to a stressful situation. I will detail the one stressful experience I’ve had while interning at an event, and describe the origins of my stress, as well as the positive and negative outcomes it produced. Finally, I will apply the four characteristics of psychological capital to see the potential difference in outcomes it could’ve resulted in. The stressful incident I experienced occurred when I was interning at Mercedes-Benz

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