Characteristics Of Synergy Is A Discourse Community

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Synergy Is a Discourse Community
What is Synergy? Synergy is a gaming clan that plays many games such as Combat Arms, Counter Strike: GO, Minecraft, and other strategical games. The clan has over thirty members, and they compete with other clans. The clan was made by Anthony in 2012 with the help of Andrew and I. It started out as a competitive team, but ended up as a casual based team. We recruited and played games with friends, family, and strangers who just wanted to have fun or play competitively. There are different categories or “Sub genres” within the community. We had players who edit videos and post them on YouTube. We have other members who participate in competitive gaming leagues. We also have members in our community
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I started out by making a list of questions I wanted to ask. I created ten questions and sent out a link on Facebook directly to the members in our community. After that I waited for feedback, and then I analyzed the answers I received. I then compare these answers, and then I discuss on what a discourse community is and how it relates to Synergy. A discourse community is a group of people who share a common goal. Swale, a writer, states that a discourse community has six characteristics. It consists of a common public goal, intercommunication, providing feedback and information, genre, lexis, and expertise. Without these functions, a discourse community would not exist. To many people, a common goal cannot be met, or agreed upon. Different people have different personalities, beliefs, and opinions. Not everyone can agree upon one answer, but this was able to have one similar agreement. That goal was to make friends and have fun. Everyone wanted to just do their own things and play however they wanted. They would come home from school or work, and meet up online and play a game. They would play competitively or casually. Others wanted to edit, or work on projects related to the clan. Some people got mad or sad, but in the end, they just wanted to have fun. That was their common…show more content…
Q4: What were some of our Lexis? A Lexis is a vocabulary that people outside of our clan don 't know about.
A: Umm I guess all the "call outs" in every map, callouts being the names we used to call a spot-on a given map. For example, on a map called sand hog had callouts like "cat" and "front spawn" for positions on that map.
Q5: was it easy to get along with some of the members? How well did some of the newer members adapt?
A: I 'd say that was the hardest part, getting along with people that I didn 't personally like, but others in the clan might have liked. I tried to keep calm and deal with these people. New members usually adapted well and if they didn 't want to adapt they usually left quickly.
Q6: What do you like to write about? And what motivates you to write?
A: Well when I was younger, I used to write a lot of fiction stories because I thought it was fun I guess. Now, not so much, but when I do write things I 'm assigned in school, I like to make sure I put a lot of time into it so they aren 't trash.
Q7: What was the clan’s purpose? And as a leader what advice would you give to our
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