Characteristics Of Systems Thinking

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There are various definition used to describe system. In order to understand systems thinking, one needs to know the definition of system. System can be defined as a set of things interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behavior over time and forming an integrated whole. A system is often used to explain some aspect of the world and rules for its operation and how they interact to each other. Example of the system will include blood circulation system, library management system, and education system.

There are three main components of the system that also known as its characteristics which included:
1. Structure
It contains parts or components that directly or indirectly related to each other in order to maintain
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This theory, not only focusing on the surface event; however it also emphasis on the underlying structure. This iceberg model is often used to describe systems thinking. As we all know, an iceberg has only 10 percent of its total mass above the water while 90 percent of it is underwater. However, the 90 percent of its underwater will explain the 10 percent above the water.

Sheffield, Sankaran and Haslett (2012) used this model to describe systems thinking concepts from an innovative project. They argued that, the actual dynamics of the system are intangible, which is it usually hidden from view. They introduced the systems thinking methods that are required to surface the intangible view. Based on this model, there are four level model of system
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Knowledge creation
a. Learning organization allows knowledge creation to take place. New ideas are essential via learning. Individual or organization is able to create new knowledge by using the creativity, innovation, existing knowledge or knowledge about competitors.
2. Improve organizational performance
a. Organizational performance is often depends on the knowledge available in the organization and the way the knowledge being used. The good information will let to the production of reliable and accurate knowledge. These knowledge will improve organizational performance due to the its ability to solve problem, create new product, and reengineering process.
3. Develop strategy
a. System thinking is emphasis on the holistic approach will help the organization to view situation from the big picture. The ability to understand the situation, use and re-use the knowledge, analyze the situation and performance will help the management to develop and upgrade their strategy in order to meet the organizational goal.
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