Characteristics Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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I. Introduction
Learning English as a foreign language is an essential need because of endless reasons and one of which is that it has become the language of science and technology. There are millions of English learners all over the world and Arab learners are amongst the most prominent in learning English due to educational and technological requirements. Teaching the morphology a foreign language is unquestionably a complicated task; as it necessitates a great ability of explanation in addition to an excellent awareness of this foreign language along with the learners’ mother tongue’s morphological system. This awareness enables the teacher to understand and handle the learners’ challenges in the best way. In this article, I will discuss the challenges in teaching the morphology of a foreign language, especially in English with some recommended solutions based on personal teaching experience. Before all of that, I will introduce the distinctive features of both English and Arabic morphological systems with a contrastive analysis to pave the way for the reason why there are such challenges.
II. A Contrastive analysis between English and Arabic
Before digging deeper into English and Arabic morphology, it is important to know more about morphology in general. According to Yule (2010, p.290), “morphology is defined as the study of word structure”, therefore, it is related to the formation of the word how it is compiled.
Attayib (2016, 282) has argued that English and Arabic

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