Characteristics Of The 13 Colonies

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After the expeditions of Christopher Columbus in 1492 the new world would become to be the Americas, but first the establishment of the colonies would arise. Bringing forth the settlers and gentry to launch the new world into existence, which would be hard because of the many different settlers viewed. Although the struggles of the colonies and differences were many theirs unity among them prevailed. The 13 colonies were divided by six sub-regions which were New England, Atlantic Islands, Caribbean, Middle Colonies, and the Lower South. The southern regions are composed of five different states Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The southern region realized that agriculture would bring profit unlike New England and Middle Colonies. On contrast of New England who had fairly little land than Virginia. Virginia would be the fist states which would cultivate tobacco which was in Chesapeake region. One of the major reasons that Virginia had a greater amount of slave was due to Chesapeake plantation which demanded a large amount of slaves to cultivate plantation. Meanwhile, up north in Massachusetts in the New England region slavery was not as high demand as in the south. By the 17 century their social structure was based on cultivators and plantation, and population was at its highest peak in 1760 due the slavery trade. The North and south Caroline brought their profit mostly by the slave trade since the southern region demanded high range of
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