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The men and women had distinct roles. The men and older boys used nets to catch rabbits. They used spears to hunt deer, bison, bears, and wild sheep. The women and girls would gather roots, cactus flowers, pine nuts, pinyon nuts, amaranth, sunflower seeds, Indian rice grass, mustard seeds, and other plants. When they began farming, they grew corn (also known as maize), squash, beans, and pumpkins. The Anasazi also kept turkeys and used their feathers to make blankets and clothes, and they domesticated dogs. We know they started farming as early as 1 A.D., and became the first people to use irrigation in what we now know as America. Irrigation is a system where ditches are dug from a water source to carry the water to the plants, having them well watered, even in a very hot and dry climate.
The Anasazi were well known for their excellence in pottery. Overall, they were very advanced with art. Pottery was a personal thing; one type could only be found locally. It was usually very colorful and passed down from mother to daughter. Besides pottery, the Anasazi practiced weaving, leatherwork, made jewelry, and made baskets. They also were great basketweavers; they used different colors of softwood. The Anasazi also made animal

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