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The Converse was established more than 100 years ago and it has a very long history. It start as a small company as every other ones. But by the time the Converse shoes become very innovative, that is why they become very popular in sports. The biggest boom they made was in basketball. In sixties, the Converse has 90% market share with basketball shoes.
My generation would not ever know basketball player that was popular in the last century but thanks to Converse, we know Chuck Taylor, and thanks to Chuck Taylor know Converse. Brands use celebrities in communication very often but in case of Converse, this cooperation became iconic. Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers (“Chucks”) are the first association with the word Converse. In the time of Chuck Taylor they become a phenomenon among basketball players. According to popularity of this sport, Converse try to keep the brand in this sport so later they also cooperate with the best player Michael Jordan. But how we know, nowadays is Converse associated
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So as a competitor in the same lifestyle fashion targeted to young cool people, there is Adidas but Converse is mostly compared with Vans that can be seemed as a main rival. Vans also reaches to young people. This brand is from California so it has been mainly known as a brand for surfers, skaters, BMX, and other cool youngsters. Vans is main sponsor of Warped tour, which mix skateboarding and music, also its brand is often attached with plenty of competitions in skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, motocross, etc. That is why it builds the name on cool sports and then among young people. The trend of retro style also helps Vans because these shoes hasn’t changed much since its heyday in the past. So these days, Vans smoothly starts to catch up Converse in

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