Characteristics Of The French Garden

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The great formal French garden (Jardin à la Française) was a piece of artwork which combining the elements of garden and science, art and architecture. It was one of the most magnificent and ambitious landscape architectures that ever created. The spectacular French landscape design in the seventeenth century was developed and strongly influenced by the Italian Renaissance Gardens. Borrowed the gardening style from the Italian and incorporated the style of their own, myriad of splendours gardens with breathe-taking scale and ingenuity were created by the French. 
The French landscape Garden in the seventeen century strove to be complete expression of both right order and man’s ability to create it. At the same time, the garden was also constructed in a style that emphasised the control and manipulation of nature. And it was a way of depicting power and displaying of wealth. 
 Several fundamental characteristics and unique features can be found in the seventeen century French garden. There is no doubt that geometry is one of the distinctive elements and it carries a crucial role in the French garden design. It is not surprising to figure out all forms of geometric patterns in the garden for instances radical avenues; cross axes and straight, tree-lined boulevards. Secondly, it is prevalent to set a focal point into the landscape with the use of a chateau or main house as garden and house were hardly separate into parts and they were complemented each other in the old
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