Characteristics Of The Mexican Mafia

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The Mexican Mafia also known as La Eme (Spanish for “the letter M”) or Trece (Spanish for the number “13”) is a Hispanic, Mexican / American criminal Organization that was formed in prison in 1957-Present day. The characteristics of this Gang is really Organized, they go by ranking structures they have their soldiers, caporegime , under boss, and the boss. They are many ways to extinguish them by their tattoos, the color green in clothing, the Mexican flag, the number 13, the Aztecas, or a letter “M”. You have to do jobs for them in order to get in or follow orders, or get beat by the gang to get in and if successful you will be in the gang and will “always be protected by them ”. This gang can still carry out orders in and out the…show more content…
Racism is a big challenge they face but not only in this specific gang also in, every other gangs such as tango blast , Texas syndicate , Los Pistoleros , and many more. The Hispanic gang culture in general like to be mainly one race and keep it like that, they do have problems with African American gangs and white culture gangs. They will verbally tell a different race gang member off to show what race/Gang is dominant and if they have to beat the person physically they will to show the power to the opposite race person and the rest of the gangs in that same prison. One of many challenges they also face is being a dominate gang , and showing “What colors” (gang) is the most powerful dominate gang on the prison so they won’t be messed with and can have power to do anything in their…show more content…
South Texas cities like Laredo , San Antonio , El Paso, McAllen , Rio Bravo , Prisons have a lot of Mexican Mafia members , and the public knows and can extinguish them with their tattoos , and symbols, ,also South / South east/ south west California is Full of Mexican Mafia members because that where they originally started and the public knows back in the 1980s was the rise of that specific gang and started doing lots of hits on rival gang members, law enforcement and to the public with the gang members still in prison. This gang has been recognized by the public since when it first started. This gang is also known by the rival’s gangs out in public and will try to cause problems, to show his dominate in the streets. An a example of all that I have talked about in this research paper is that on June, 20th 2013 the D.E.A and the F.B.I launched a investigation, in Texas that the Mexican Mafia was doing business with the Zetas Cartel, Mexican Mafia allegedly brought drugs across the border at Laredo and moved them up through San Antonio, Austin and Fort drug while the boss of Mexican Mafia was in prison and 30 more member of the gang was in the organized
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