Characteristics Of The Millennial Generation

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Prior researchers have discovered that the millennial generation possesses different characteristics than previous generations. Some of these characteristics include being overconfident, sheltered, and extremely reliant on technology. As a result of this, millennials often have unrealistic expectations when entering college and undergo several challenges. Millennials hold unrealistic beliefs about their intelligence and academic ability, which hinders them being open-minded because they feel like they know everything. Millennials expect a certain amount of guidance and assistance as they were “hand held” by parents and counselors in high school and are challenged when that is not provided in college.

The purpose of the study is to acquire the views from millennials about their freshman year of college, more specifically about the transition and the aspects that may have helped or hindered their adjustment to college life and how it affects freshman retention rates.

The researchers collected qualitative data by way of interviewing current freshman students, sophomore students, and freshman students who left after their first year. The interviewer’s goal was to gather information about freshman year of college. The interviewer did this by asking three different questions about what each student thinks is needed to properly adjust to college life, what obstacles they faced during their transition period, and what programs or activities would they have liked to have

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