Characteristics Of The Narrator In The Great Gatsby

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Description refers to a literary point of view of the attitude of the narrator of the narrative of events or opinions. Authors can be the first person 'I ' narrative point of view, but also a character from a novel point of view to start, or to describe the identity of a third party. In the 'Great Gatsby ' this work, the authors created Nick Carraway figure in his story as a whole. Nick and the main characters in the story has a close relationship, is at the center of the interpersonal network. As he is Gatsby 's neighbors, a distant cousin of Daisy, Tom 's college classmates, friends or Daisy Jordan 's lover, so he became throughout the global bond.
Nick is the narrator, and he also participated in and witnessed the occurrence of the story, the process and an end. The description of this dual perspective of widening the reader with the Gates story than this distance, virtually to the entire novel has led to a deep hidden bitterness atmosphere. Fitzgerald in “the Great Gatsby "abandoned the traditional narrative and perspective, use the characters in the novel as the narrator, uses the first-person limited perspective and multiple narrative perspective transformation, they will work perfectly together, the content and the form of the novel reads a refreshing feeling, well embodies the narrative characteristics of the modern novel, excellent artistic effect is obtained.
2. Figures of Speech
The author in this novel uses the exquisite description successful, makes some
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